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Brother Aaron Robert Gardner is a Master Mason with the Flushing Lodge 223 in Flushing, Michigan. He was born on March 23rd 1989. He enlisted in the United States Army the Summer of 2006. Has done a tour in Iraq with the 125th Infantry out of Flint, Michigan. Worked with the 509th Signal Battalion in Vicenza, Italy as part of US Army Africa's Commanding General's Communications Team and Expeditionary Signal Team. Traveling across Europe, Africa and the United States. He is currently assigned to 2-14 Field Artillery Brigade in Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Brother Aaron is a proud Christian and attends church every week and attends bible study every week as well. He loves to learn about history and how people socialize over time. He is happy to share his experience with anyone who is willing to listen. He is inspired to write by articles he reads, Daily activities he goes through and communications with other brethren. He also writes a blog titled Cornerstone Central on Freemason Network. You can follow him there or on any one of these social networking sites:

You can also E-mail him. He loves to hear from his readers and will respond to every message, every question as long as it is appropriate. 

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