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Science Vs. Christianity

Ok, For those who don't know I am constantly reading the Bible. I am not trying to disprove anything written in the Good Book nor am I trying to prove anything written the Bible. I feel that every time I touch a subject involving religion I must reassert my faith in Christianity and inform everyone that I am a Christian however I have a different view on the idea of religion. I have a logical look at things and I believe that Religion changes as we human beings need it to in order to fit our social, economical, and political need. Today I point out the reasons why we can not take the Bible word for word. I already know I am going to take a lot of slack for this from many people in my life on my stance of the Bible. However, I must stand firm on this and hopefully you and they will understand what I am referring to.

First, Creationist stand by the idea that Mankind as well all know it today never evolved. Rather you want to think of Evolution in a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or scientific aspect we all have to accept the true definition of evolution. According to my favorite website Evolution is a noun which most accurately describes:

  1. "Any process of formation or growth; development: "The evolution of a language, The evolution of the Airplane."
  2. A Product of such development; something evolved: "The Exploration of Space is the evolution of decades of research."'
  3. Biology- Change in the gene pool of a population from generation to generation by such processess as mutation, natural selection and genetic drift.
  4. A Process of gradual, peaceful, progressive change or development, as in social or economic stucture or institutions.
  5. A motion incomplete in itself, but combining with coordinated motions to produce a single action, as in a machine."

Now to go on from that we have to acknowledge we have evolved someway or another. Socially our tongues have changed. Some speak languages that are derived from Latin, Nordic, Anglo and so forth. In fact today's American English is more of derivative from all languages of the world. Which means that Languages have evolved enough to come together to create a completely different language. We Americans think we speak English, but we have to think about that and realize sometimes we have no idea what a traditional Englishman or woman is saying to us. They have the same issue with us and Australians. We all speak an individual language that evolved from English. 

If that doesn't prove to you that we evolve allow me to point out the structures and institutions that our society have. Democracy didn't just come out of thin air. The idea of voting is older than going to the polls and punching a button for the candidate you want to become president. The idea of democracy started in modern day Greece in year 510 BC. The term democracy comes from two terms; Demo which means people and Kratos which means power. So in a literal aspect of the word it means Powered by the People. the ideology is evolving as we speak all over the world changing the definition of democracy to even more specific terms than just "People-Power".

Now, You all probably agree with me that we evolve in those aspects. Our knowledge base is growing making us evolve mentally, and socially. Lets talk about the one that is in the forefront of the battle between Creationist and Evolutionist. Biological. "How dare you brother Aaron you know what the Bible says about the creation of Adam. How can you think we evolved from monkeys?" If you dare tell me that you think thats what evolution is on the biological platform, then you may want to recheck your sources again. Lets make it One-hundred percent clear in bold letters you will see my stance on this statement. 


You're absolutely right I do know what the Bible says about the creation of Man. But that isn't the verse I want everyone to look at. I want everyone to read Gen. 1:11. It doesn't matter what version you read in the English language (Ill get to that later). I am reading from KJV. "And God Said, 'Let earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth': and it was so"

Here the Bible just stated what Science proves that algae (a plant) is the first living organism on Earth. In the next verse Grass grows and fruits all reproduce. God then saw it was good and closed the light and opened the darkness for the third time. For the fourth time God opens the light and dedicates the sun as ruler of the day and the moon of the night. This establishes how we as humans understand the 24 hours in a day. 12 hours of light, 12 hours of darkness. This is important because as we humans evolve educationally we learn that the 24 hours actually refers to the time it takes the earth to rotate on its axis. 

In verse 20 God brings creatures into the seas and animals into the skies. He then says to multiply and so forth. Creating what we now know as Birds, Fish, and the mammals of the Ocean. On the sixth day He creates all the animals that roam the earth and then creates man of "our" image. 

Now, The changing of Earth is an evolution in itself. The Heating and cooling of the planet etc. Which is Biblically backed up so my creationist friends can not attack a geologist and say he/she is wrong about the heating and cooling of the Earth. However, we are not debating the creation of the Earth. We are talking about how the creatures came about on earth. If you have ever read any studies on evolution you will know it starts with one seed. From there it branches out and creates other organisms. Plants were first, God created them first before any other creature, science stands by that Biblical fact. Then this is where people start to get a little confused. God creates animals to fly in the skies and swim in the seas. So where ever Algae came from came another branch which formed animals to swim and fly. Finally, there are animals roaming the land. No man yet. God Creates the animals to roam to first. After he does this he creates man to rule the animals of the world. Nowhere does it say that monkeys even existed at this moment. but the root that branched off into Monkeys branched off in multiple directions and created OUR ancestors. So yet again let me put this in bold letters WE DID NOT EVOLVE FROM MONKEYS, MONKEYS EVOLVED FROM A CREATURE THAT EVOLVED FROM THE SAME CREATURE THAT EVOLVED INTO MULTIPLE BRANCHES INCLUDING THE BRANCH HUMAN BEINGS BELONG TO.

A Diagram to explain a little Graphically:

SB1      SB2         SB3                                                  SB4       SB5        SB6

                                 BH1                                                        BH2

Ok SB1 SB2 and SB3 are all related. The all evolved from BH1... BH2 and BH1 are related. They evolved from Root. Which means through some genetic distance SB6 and SB1 are related but did not evolve from each other. So if SB1 represented Monkeys and SB6 represented Human Beings we did not evolve from Monkeys. 

We can not take the Bible word for word and think it will explain everything. Yes it was written by the Prophets through the presence of the Holy Spirit. It doesn't mean that it is literal. As we were talking about how we defined the day and night. That could mean something completely different to God. As we all know Day and Night is just the spinning of the Earth on her axis... Other planets spin on their axis faster or slower. So, one 24 hour period on Earth actually is roughly 24 and a half hours on Mars. What Im trying to get to is that one day for our minds could actually be an entire century or millennium to God. We interpret the Bible to the best we can relate to at the time. As science, technology, and our knowledge base grows we can better understand our faith on a logical level. 

Many creationist fight the science of geology when it says that Earth is actually 4,500,000,056 years old. Thats roughly 4.5 billion years old. Creationist tend to believe that God started creating Earth and then Man came right after that. Which would mean that Earth was only roughly 6000 years old plus the 6 days of creating everything. But it doesn't say exactly when God created the Heavens and the Earth. It just says in the beginning.That could be 4,499,000,909 rotations around the Gas ball we call the sun. It is God's time not Humans time. We have to narrow everything down to the easiest way to understand it for us. That is all the Bible is. An interpretation of what was going on for us to better understand it. 

Yet again there are even more interpretations of the Bible than there are languages we speak in the world. The Original Language of the Bible is a mixture of Hebrew, Latin, Greek and more. It was translated multiple times to reach the rest of the world. In translations words lose meaning or gain a completely different meaning. Then on top of it we break the Bible up even more and retranslate it to versions like KJV, HCSB and many more. This just proves that the Bible is an interpretation that best represents what we need based on how we evolved over the time. 

Now, we have religion fighting science and science fighting religion. There has been a huge debate about this so called "god particle" Christians are afraid it disproves the Bible, and Scientists are trying to prove that evolution exists. Yet, what if the missing link is actually the link that is separating these two parties? What if God told us already from the very get go, we just didn't understand it. What if during all the chaos that was going on through out space a little spark happened and caused all of this evolution. This "God particle".... It does say in verse Gen 26 "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness:"... What if that is the true meaning of that statement God put through Moses mind? That we are evolved from Him. He is the Root and we are his sub branch. So I ask again, What if that missing link that Science is trying to find to prove evolution.... is actually the Book that we have all be holding onto for so long. Sometimes you're already holding the key but you just dont know what door it opens until the right time.

Thank you brethren for reading this. I greatly appreciate it and I appreciate your comments even more. Thank you.

Bro. Aaron R. Gardner
Flushing Lodge, 223, Flushing, MI 

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