Sunday, February 24, 2013

Freemasons vs. Anti-Masons

Over the past couple weeks my US History Class has gotten rather interesting. We have started talking about the Freemasons and the Anti-Freemasons. For those who think that this country was founded on Masonic beliefs is correct, however that doesn't mean that the Freemasons did not have opposition. There was an entire political party dedicated to ending Masonic rule in the United States. But, that is not the reason I bring you here today to converse. I would like to talk to you about something my instructor has actually made me rather angry over. 

My Instructor (someone who is skeptical to Freemasonry) has mentioned to my class that George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were not Christians according to the popular belief systems of the time, which is true none-the-less, my instructor continued on telling the class that these founders of the United States were 'Deist'. Yet again, that statement is not false. However, my instructor told the entire class that the Founding Fathers, our brethren, believed God was like a watch maker. He creates the watch and steps back. I politely made the correction on how these men were Freemasons and would not refer to the Great Architect as a 'Watch Maker'. Of course, I faced opposition and was over all trumped me in the class. After the class was over, my instructor approached me and warned me to be careful regarding the topic of Freemasonry. According to her it causes a ripple in the peace. Understandable, knowing the history of Freemasonry and the cowans. Many just do not understand and will never understand. What really managed to get under my skin however, was the way my instructor told me how Freemasonry is of the Devil. To be honest, Ive read the quotes of the Bible that was given to me... Yet, I still do not understand what would make someone come to this conclusion. It was obvious it was not know that I was a Freemason until I said the key term defending my beliefs as a Freemason... "We". When my instructor heard this key term, the pressure was let off a little bit. Yet we still have had conversations outside of class to get my instructor to understand that Freemasonry is of God. 

I am sure that my Instructor is still very skeptical of the Freemasons and in fact it shows in my instructors speeches to the class. This is an Historian who pushes their own agenda onto the topic. I had to back the class up during a break and help some of the students understand the great things Freemasons do with society. It worries me that people see Freemasonry as such a bad thing. We helped found this nation, we helped found this world, We defended God's word through out history and yet we are the enemies. Is it the media that portrays Freemasonry as satanic or is it ourselves by feeding to the rumors and pushing people away with questions? We are philanthropist, we are caring, we are the protector of knowledge and the seekers of God's true name. Brethren, we are Freemasons and it is our obligation to leave a mark not a stain. As for the stains  already branded to our aprons we must clean them brothers and help the newly raised keep their aprons white with purity. The question remains, how do we perform this almost impossible task ahead of us? 

1.) Be more selective. Watch the young men coming into our lodges and make sure they truly are Mason material. Crafted from The GATU's bare hands, square and erect a man of his word and actions. 

2.) Produce more media. Our enemies are beating us by propaganda. Just as the democrats put out ads against the republicans and viceversa we need to counter the anti-masonic movement. There are more youtube videos out against Freemasonry than there are Freemasons. There are more websites falsifying our cause... Produce more websites, videos, books etc. 

3.) Unite! Three letter, four letter Freemasons we recognize each other as brethren, yet we dont act like brothers. Help organize events with Prince Hall Masons. Invite Prince Hall Masons to organize events with your lodge. I understand rituals may be different but that does not mean we have to segregate our public events. 

4.) Sponsor different Events. Have you looked at the economy lately? Not just here in the United States but in Canada, Mexico, Europe, really it is all over the World. Lets sponsor something like a job fair, provide assistance with writing resumes, help the people form a network of entrepreneurs, big businesses, small businesses, Brotherly owned businesses etc. Lets face it... we all need help from time to time. Even our own brothers need it and having a job fair with their business able to be represented can help everyone in the long run. 

5.) Speak Out! We take pride that we don't cause friction in our lodges based on religion or politics. Yet, we are historically known for being involved in the politics why has that changed? Are we scared, if we publicly take a side on an issue that people would be against us? Well guess brethren, people are already against us and it wont get any easier as long as we stay quite and out of the limelight.  We wrote the Declaration, we wrote the Constitution and it is our job to defend it while non-masons are destroying it. I am not talking parties, I am talking in general. Brother Washington warned us against political parties. We should heed his warning. It is not Democrats destroying the Cornerstone of this nation, nor is it the Republicans, Tea Party, Green Party or any of the other parties in this country you can think of. The only party we have to blame for destroying the Constitution is the American party. Stand up for what you believe in... The Constitution... and people will follow. We will run into opposition but at least we have troops on the frontline to counter the Anti-Mason movement. 

6.) IDEAS!!!! Stop just going to your lodge and sitting. We are known for our humanitarian acts, for our thoughts, and for stepping on peoples toes. Go to your lodge become active. Learn your Masonic history, learn your masonic education, but most importantly use it. Progress in the ranks of Masonry not for yourself, for others. We say that Masonry is a quest for yourself to become enlightened. What if I were to tell you, we already are enlightened and now we must be that shining light to the rest of the world. John Winthrop was known for quoting the Bible and he is absolutely right by quoting Matthew 5:14... John Winthrop said "We must always consider, that we shall be as a city upon a hill—the eyes of all people are upon us" Live by the level and part on the square We are all equal we are all brothers we are all Freemasons. 

Get out there brethren...

Travel Lightly,
Bro. A. R. Gardner
Triangle Lodge No 548
Lawton, OK 73501
Grand Lodge of Oklahoma A.F.&A.M

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