Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Freemasonry and Politics

It is no secret that within a constituted lodge we Free and Accepted Masons do not talk about the city, state or national politics while the lodge is opened for business. There are reasons for this. One, it helps keep us on track for work instead of bickering about "should've, could've, would've's". Next, politics has the capability to tear families apart based on their differences. What could it do to a lodge of brothers?

I am not going to declare my political party here in this blog. One, as a Soldier I can not legally tell you one way or the other how I believe. I have every right to vote and have every right to talk about politics just as any one person, as long as I do not declare myself as a Soldier. Well, that has been declared in the About The Author page and post. I WILL tell you that I stand by the Constitution with all my heart and soul. I believe that our nation should be ran based off these beliefs of the Constitution. As should any American. But most specifically any Freemason should believe in the Constitution and should be against anyone or thing against it.

The Nation was founded upon Masonic Values. Many tend to believe that the nation was founded upon Christian values, however if you really look into the history of the Revolution it was all about Freemasonry. The idea of brotherly love, religious tolerance, equality. It speaks of things we do within the lodge and have been since the beginning of Freemasonry. I would even say that our nation was originally suppose to not have political parties. President and Brother George Washington stated in his farewell his strong resentment towards political parties. He believed that political parties though can accomplish things for groups it weakens the government by distracting the leaders duties and responsibilities by the lust of power. I am afraid to say that our nation has fallen away from our original masonic beliefs and Brother Washington was right about political factions. Our nation started falling apart when a non-mason was elected as president under the political affiliation of the "Federalists". Our nation began to divide amongst different political beliefs literally right after our first president. It was between the Federalist's and the Democratic-Republicans. Now its between the Democrats and the Republicans.
Why not vote based on what we were founded upon? A Republic of equality, and Religious Freedom. More importantly, lets set aside all of our differences as a nation meet at the level part at the square and be a nation of Americans; not Republicans, Democrats, Gays or Straights. Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, or Native Americans. Christians, Jews, Buddhists or Muslims.
We are all men. We are all brothers. We are all Americans and what happens on Capitol Hill affects all of us equally. Don't vote for the lesser evil. Vote for what you believe in. I believe in the United States of America, The land of the free and the home of the brave. God Bless This Country.

Bro. Aaron R. Gardner
Flushing Lodge 223, Flushing Michigan

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