Sunday, February 17, 2013

Update on Personal Life

Well, It is the middle of February and I have been extremely busy. I am attending college at Cameron University right here in Lawton, Oklahoma as well as preparing for deployment. Therefore, I havent had time to attend lodge, let alone apply myself to my blogs. I appreciate all those who are still following me and waiting for the next update.

A little news:
 I have recently demitted from my home lodge in Michigan and I am now a member at Triangle Lodge no. 548. If you are ever in the area please let me know and we can all meet up for a brotherly meeting.

My cousin Josh is currently going through his degrees at my old home lodge in Michigan. Flushing, Lodge no 223. He is excited about receiving his Master Mason degree, which he is waiting for me to arrive there this March to carry on with it. I want to be there for it and he wants me to be there. I can not wait to see him become a Master in the craft. Hopefully, I can coerce him into helping me write these blogs and we can get things from his perspective other than mine.

Today I am reading my masonic literature and preparing another round of topics to talk about. When I do I will keep everyone posted. Be sure to keep checking me out on Twitter @AaronRGardner and Remember you can email me at anytime if you think I need to address something about Masonry or if you just want to talk. My email is
My email goes directly to my phone so we will be sure to stay in contact.

Travel Lightly Brethren,

Bro. Aaron R. Gardner
Triangle Lodge No 548
Lawton, Oklahoma

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